Point Clouds in Dynamo


One of the really nice things about Dynamo is the relative ease with which we can integrate formerly separate entities. I am starting to use this platform to weave Revit/ReCaps (‘headless version in revit’) point cloud methods with other useful attributes of opensouce pointcloud processing like the PCL [Point Cloud Library] This is a really […]


Curtain Panels by Level with Dynamo

2015-04-13 14_47_30-Dynamo

I like investigating workflows. Being able to achieve the same or similar results through multiple means is key to QA/QC not to mention it keeps things interesting. So to that end I’ve been experimenting to see, using Dynamo, how many ways I could get Revit Curtain Panels by Level. Here are four approaches, enjoy! Know […]


Get Empty Elevation Markers

2015-03-30 11_05_37-Get Empty Elevation Markers

In this example i use Python to get the Markers that have no Elevation on them.


Getting Nested Families from Revit with Dynamo


One thing that always comes up in scheduling items are the use of Nested families. One major aspect of this is that it is difficult from the schedule to see what the relationship between that families is. In the next week of so I will give a use case for this. but till then here […]


Connecting Areas to Rooms with Dynamo

2015-03-29 12_59_54-Connecting Areas to Rooms with Dynamo

In this video I walk through how to find which Rooms are in a specific Revit Area. Using Areas to define space is a common workflow for many architectural projects and the OOTB Revit does not implicitly have a connection between Loadable families and Revit Area’s, however there is a good connection between Rooms & Elements. Using Dynamo we find […]


Revit Filtering with Dynamo

2015-03-29 12_54_13-Revit Filtering in Dynamo

Ever wounder how to filter by different Instance and Type parameters? In the video I use a different method to filter than I do in the example below. It’s important to know what String.Contains and == Nodes are used for, and tailor to each specific task. In general the String.contain is a looser understanding than the […]


Revit, Data & Passive House Planning Package

2014-08-18 09_59_01-Revit Export to PHPP on Vimeo

Working recently to upgrade some of the ways we get information out of models for PHPP. I have built a working prototype for extracting model data from Revit via a plugin to then be connected to PHPP.  I’ve used this workflow to help teach myself the API and writing plugins with visual studio. The plugin wraps […]


Dynamo – Data & Revit

2014-05-25 16_49_57-Dynamo

Over the past couple weeks I have been tackling some work at Case with Dynamo. It is quite a great step in the right direction by everyone involved and I am looking forward to the full version 7 release. One of the important tasks in delivering projects is the ‘gathering, sorting, filtering’ of Data and […]


Dynamo – Sheet Counter


In this video I go through a Dynamo definition to total sheets in Revit for different submission sets




Just re-discovered this gem. I love Tableau but this is quick and easy active charts. Cut and paste info or upload .csv file. Here is some basic data so show…


Macro for setting Door Handedness

Door Handedness Macro

Been getting more in the api and have this solution for adding a “LH” or “RH” to a parameter in the doors. It adds it to a parameter called “Handedness” though this could be anything…


Performative Expression In Architecture


“Architecture might not work anymore. That is to say, the idea that architecture is the act of producing functional machines that ideally have some evidence of how they were made might be outdated. Truth be told, this notion of functional expression is a modernist one, and maybe it should fade away, like so many outdated […]


Search Sets in Navis [Part 2]


Here is the second part to the video about the process to Export from Revit into NavisWorks and begin to set up Search Sets.


Passive House in 90 Seconds


A video about Passive House by Hans-Jörn Eich


SketchFab Awesomeness


Cruising around the internets and found this gem. Ever want to put a 3d model on your website? SketchFab. Here is a quick test of a model already on Sketchfab. However you are free to upload your and display it in interesting ways!


Lighting for Lousiana State Museum Sports Hall of Fame


  This is a video taken over a couple days when I was building the Lights for the Trahan project we did at Case. Digital Project is quite a program and if you ever have a chance to use it to its full extent, take it! They had to conform to the back of all […]


Revit to Navis [Part 1]


Going through some files I found this old internal video about the process to Export from Revit into NavisWorks and begin to set up Search Sets.


Technology on Small Projects

Base Image Remembrance Wall-Copyright

The story starts many years ago and has many parts that Tom has implemented such as the Courtyard Labyrinth, but the part we are currently installing is called the Remembrance Wall and is part of the Jack Matney Courtyard.


The Louisiana Museum and Sports Hall of Fame – LSMSHF

Base Image

Here is a project from Trahan Architects I worked on extensively for about 2 years while at CASE. It was quite the project and I worked with some amazing people all the way from the Design Team to the Construction Team. There were a lot of people involved in getting this building built! It is […]


Building Energy Usage in the US by Sector


This hopefully is common knowledge for about a decade now, as you can see in the graph below US energy consumption attributed to buildings is at about 40%. It is clear that we need to work on making our building stock more efficient. We will always have to heat,cool and provide a certain standard of […]


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