Point Clouds in Dynamo

One of the really nice things about Dynamo is the relative ease with which we can integrate formerly separate entities. I am starting to use this platform to weave Revit/ReCaps (‘headless version in revit’) point cloud methods with other useful attributes of opensouce pointcloud processing like the PCL [Point Cloud Library] This is a really […]


Revit, Data & Passive House Planning Package

Working recently to upgrade some of the ways we get information out of models for PHPP. I have built a working prototype for extracting model data from Revit via a plugin to then be connected to PHPP.  I’ve used this workflow to help teach myself the API and writing plugins with visual studio. The plugin wraps […]


Dynamo – Data & Revit

Over the past couple weeks I have been tackling some work at Case with Dynamo. It is quite a great step in the right direction by everyone involved and I am looking forward to the full version 7 release. One of the important tasks in delivering projects is the ‘gathering, sorting, filtering’ of Data and […]


Performative Expression In Architecture

“Architecture might not work anymore. That is to say, the idea that architecture is the act of producing functional machines that ideally have some evidence of how they were made might be outdated. Truth be told, this notion of functional expression is a modernist one, and maybe it should fade away, like so many outdated […]


Building Energy Usage in the US by Sector

This hopefully is common knowledge for about a decade now, as you can see in the graph below US energy consumption attributed to buildings is at about 40%. It is clear that we need to work on making our building stock more efficient. We will always have to heat,cool and provide a certain standard of […]


Data Visualization

Wine Pairing Chart infographic by madelinep.   Recently I have been geeking out on Data Visualization. This is an area that has been booming recently and has been a company I follow. In addition I have been drawn to Nicholas Felton’s work, if you are not aware he is the creator of the Feltron […]


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