Performative Expression In Architecture

“Architecture might not work anymore. That is to say, the idea that architecture is the act of producing functional machines that ideally have some evidence of how they were made might be outdated. Truth be told, this notion of functional expression is a modernist one, and maybe it should fade away, like so many outdated […]


Passive House in 90 Seconds

A video about Passive House by Hans-Jörn Eich


Building Energy Usage in the US by Sector

This hopefully is common knowledge for about a decade now, as you can see in the graph below US energy consumption attributed to buildings is at about 40%. It is clear that we need to work on making our building stock more efficient. We will always have to heat,cool and provide a certain standard of […]


Future Weather Data [Part 2]

In this video I go over the process to generate future weather data with a weather generating tool. This experiment is referencing an idea generated  here that Chicago in the future will be similar in climate to the current day Baton Rouge LA. With this weather generating model and Ecotect’s Weather Tool I am able […]


Future Weather Data [Part 1]

So here is an interesting idea I stumbled into, can we visualize and use “Future Weather Data”? As it is we currently use weather data collected from the past to design buildings that will be built and function into the future. It is implied that weather (long-range view) is constant which it is not, so, […]


Adam Cohen on PassivHaus

Here is a great video where Adam Cohen describes PassivHaus, and it’s use/potential beyond residential construction. He is also hinting at the German Standard making in-raods into more building codes around the US. Adam is co-founder of Structure Design/Build working in the Roanoke region and making buildings to a better standard.


North Carolina Passive House

So after our recent move to Charlotte I started to look up other Passive House people in the area.  Well… I didn’t find very many at first but the I created a Meetup for NCPH and people started to come out of the woodwork!  The first meet was successful, and I am already planning on more Meetups and presentations […]


Passive House on Pinterest

For some time now I have been collecting great examples of PassivHaus Project. This came out of frustration of not having good examples in one place. The idea was to bring some of the great example out of obscurity. Feel free to follow or join in!


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