Lighting for Lousiana State Museum Sports Hall of Fame

  This is a video taken over a couple days when I was building the Lights for the Trahan project we did at Case. Digital Project is quite a program and if you ever have a chance to use it to its full extent, take it! They had to conform to the back of all […]


Technology on Small Projects

The story starts many years ago and has many parts that Tom has implemented such as the Courtyard Labyrinth, but the part we are currently installing is called the Remembrance Wall and is part of the Jack Matney Courtyard.


The Louisiana Museum and Sports Hall of Fame – LSMSHF

Here is a project from Trahan Architects I worked on extensively for about 2 years while at CASE. It was quite the project and I worked with some amazing people all the way from the Design Team to the Construction Team. There were a lot of people involved in getting this building built! It is […]


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