Dynamo – Data & Revit

Over the past couple weeks I have been tackling some work at Case with Dynamo. It is quite a great step in the right direction by everyone involved and I am looking forward to the full version 7 release. One of the important tasks in delivering projects is the ‘gathering, sorting, filtering’ of Data and model elements then doing something with/to them and finally placing the final product back into the model. This act can take the form of occupancy loads to energy analysis/calculations and is very important step in designing and documenting architecture. We are all working with large teams where sharing information is sometimes the hardest part. Lets face it this information is not a side effect of modeling it is a curated process. We have to take a role in designing the information infrastructure. Upgrading these to version 7, more to come on this soon…

2014-05-26 18_13_53-Dynamo

Comparing Revit based Thermal information and Calculated methods.
2014-05-26 18_13_25-Autodesk Revit 2014 - Not For Resale Version - [Floor Plan_ Level 1 - PHPP Calcs

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