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Here is a project from Trahan Architects I worked on extensively for about 2 years while at CASE. It was quite the project and I worked with some amazing people all the way from the Design Team to the Construction Team. There were a lot of people involved in getting this building built! It is always amazing to me to see the final vision in reality and know all the things, literal and otherwise, that are all behind that amazing final surface.


For me this project is as much glimpse into our Design future as our Production or Construction future. Mario Carpo’s assertion of ¬†“The Demise of the Architectural Standardization in the Age of Digital Reproducibility” is an interesting look into the digitalization of architecture and as such ‘technology’ gets a bad rap on certain circles. However others see it as a way to harken back to some other time, people espouse that BIM will allow the Architect to take their place back at the helm as ‘Master Builder’. To some this is true but having gone through this process many times now I see it more as the ultimate infrastructure for collaboration and the Architect, if anything, becomes a ‘Master Collaborator’.

This viewpoint brings the whole team under the umbrella of BIM and honestly is the best way to move forward, because while we do need to break down some of the legacy walls built in the AEC Industry we do at the same time all have our responsibility РResponsibility = Scope.  While this project showcases design technology applied to architecture through the impetus of Form I am truly excited for the industry to continue to apply design technologies to other equally complex situations inherent in Architecture as a discipline. Lets face it buildings are complicated creations regardless of form. So for me Serial Nonstandard is not about Form but about Process, this could be a super high-performance facade for a Passive House or a piece of complex geometry.

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